Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Holla (Hello eng version)

Who know Shinee? It's  the name of South Korean boy band. They have a lot of popular songs, like ring ding  dong, replay, lucifer, and so on. From all their songs, there is a single song which I listen every day, entitled Hello. Nah, a few day ago, my classmate told me that she have Hello song in English version. I love the lyric because it has a nice meaning and touch me. So, I post the lyric here.

Maybe you don't know it yet
Get a secret that I keep 
I don't wanna spoil it but it's about you and me
Don't know if I can hold this in
Never felt like this before
Maybe if you're interested I'll tell you more

You're like the song that's stuck inside my head won't go away
And I think about you every second and I just gotta say
HOLLA HOLLA How can I get your attention boy ?
HOLLA HOLLA Am I getting through to you ?
HOLLA HOLLA Maybe we got some potential boy ?
Who knows , what we , could be so holla back to me

All you gotta do is talk to me
Doesn't matter what you got to say ,
I just really wanna spend some time ; COMMUNICATE
Tell me that I'm not outta my mind
Tell me that you feel the same way I do
I gotta know baby

Take me into your arms
Let me into your world
Cause I'm dying to see what's inside
Wanna dream what you dream
I wanna see what you see
And find out what makes you smile :)

- If you'll be my star, i'll be your sky, i live to let you shine -
- Don't fall for someone unless they're willing to catch you -
 By : J. Cates
You can listen it on youtube.. :)

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lyric e menyentuh yoh hhe...

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iyaa haha. nemen ini bagusnya >.<

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