Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011

It is LOVE

Love is an immateriality for me. Yep, some people said that love is simple. This only thing I love you and it's all up to you. It all was enough. Others say that love is complicated. If we've said "i think i love you", it means we must be ready to assume all that will happen later. Bear the jealous, feel disappointed when our message is not returned, tired when feeling uncertain love, and others. The opinion of each person is different about love. Love that can be felt by everyone and including myself at this time. Wanna hear my story?

Started from a few months ago..
When I was tired and my heart is empty, he came to fill this heart. Initially, I rejected this feeling. I don't wanna falling in love again. Love is tiring and complicated for me. I wanna focus on studying and living quietly with the people around me. But, over the time I began to realize. I LOVE HIM.

I love him with all the excess. I love him with all the shortcomings..
He is the greatest boy for me. He really knew how to make me fall in love. He has a lot of fans. Many girls love him, including me. I don't why i do love him. Some people said sometimes he annoying, he made them mad, etc. There are also say that he is responsible and he deserved to be loved. Not everyone can understand about him. He is different. But I always try to understand all about him :)

It is a pain..
Love is not as simple as we say. There were many problems came to my life. You ignore me, you avoid me, you suddenly disappear away from me. Getting jealous, resentful, annoyed, angry, disappointed, makes me feel tired. Sometimes until the tears had wet my cheeks. This all make me confused, why i still hold on until this time?

only you..
My confusion increases because of my attitude to you. Until now i still don't know why my attitude to you different from another? I can't be plain with you. I can't say much words in front of you. My hand is always colder than normal when you near me. Why should I act like that? Even thought I've known you for a quite long. Please help me .. I want to be closer to you. I want to be plain in front of you. I want know more about you. I want you know that I'm here still waiting for you.

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